dory plans,dory boats,dory boat
dory plans,dory boats,dory boat
dory plans dory boat

This is Possible Right Now Thanks To Our Step-By-Step Written
Dory Plans, Including Crystal Clear Digital Pictures of Every
Step In the Dory Boat Building Process.


Remember walking into a Carpenters shop when you were a kid?

That smell...

As soon as you walked into that place you were struck by the smell of the wood.  It went up your nostrals and straight into your soul.

It felt comfortable....  It felt right, didn't it?

And the sounds...

The saws and the hammer.  Someone sanding a board by hand.... Can you hear it now?

Even if you were blind you would know that place was special.  Something was being crafted there. Made from scratch.  

The feeling was almost biblical.

Well, we live in a very different world today don't we?

Technology has consumed our every waking moment and our kids and grandkids spend more time on the computer, texting or playing video games than we care to talk about.

Folks seem to have forgotten the pure joy and pleasure that comes from building something with their own two hands.  

They've forgotten the smell of the wood.  You know what I mean?

Stick with me for a few minutes I will show you how to bring back that sense of satisfaction and peace that only comes from creating something with your own two hands... 

Let me explain ¡­  

I have a good friend (Wilbert) who is 82 years old and in perfect health¡­  Why should you care?

Here¡¯s why ¡­

wilbert,dory plans,dory boats,dory boatWilbert Wants to Teach YOU How to Build a Wooden Dory

And he's one of the most qualified people anywhere in the world to do it!

You see, Wilbert is a master carpenter who knows wooden boats. In fact, he has an amazing 66 years of wooden dory boat building experience

Think about that for a second. Sixty-Six years.  He built of of his first dory boats at the tender age of 16 and hasn¡¯t stopped since. 

Now he¡¯s 90 and happier and healthier than anyone I know. At 45, I can't keep up with him!

Can you image how much this man has learned in those 66 years of building wooden dory boats? I am willing to bet he has learned as much as anyone else in North America about building wooden boats.  What¡¯s the best part about his storied boat building knowledge?

It all came from hands-on, practical experience. Day in and day out for 66 incredible years.

In fact ¡­  

He learned wooden dory boat building from his father who was a fisherman who fished the Grand Banks in dory boats ¡­His father learned it from his father before him. There is literally 4 generations of boat builder¡¯s here.  

How cool is that?

Here's How This Instantly Benefits You

Wilbert called me one day and said quite matter-of-factly ¡­


¡°I Want to Teach People How to Build Wooden Dory Boats. And Make it So Easy That ANYONE Can Build a Dory Boat Using My Dory Plans¡±


Knowing that Wilbert is not exactly the type of guy who stands in front of a group of students dressed in fine academic attire, I said:  ¡°Just how do you plan on doing that?¡±

¡°Well, you have a Bachelor¡¯s degree in English and a Masters Degree in Business and I have built more wooden boats than anyone else I know... and I can teach anyone how to do it if you;ll write it up"


¡°I absolutely know that I can teach anyone how to build a dory, even if they don¡¯t know a hammer from a hole in the ground!¡±

¡°¡­ and you¡¯re gonna take digital pictures of everything from start to finish so that anyone could build a boat just from the pictures alone. "

"I want the pictures to be so detailed that even if we didn¡¯t say a word, anyone could build a boat just by following them¡±

That¡¯s Wilbert for ya ¡­ No half measures.


Wilbert Built a 16¡¯ Dory Boat From Start to Finish
(He¡¯s Single-handedly Built 54 of them in the last 8 years alone)
But This Time He Wrote Down Everything He Did ¡­ and I Mean Everything



  • He gave me pages and pages of notes and measurements written on everything from yellow notebook paper to small pieces of plywood. I believe I even got one note on the back of some ¡°sail cloth¡± .  He left nothing out
  • He listed every single dory boat material used so that you know exactly what to buy before you start building your dory boats. Then, I took pictures of it all. I even took pictures of the screws he used so that you would know exactly what to buy
  • He discusses dory boats glue in detail and explains all you need to know about where and how much to use it
  • I took pictures of each tool he used so there would be no guess work
  • He made sure every dory plans building piece could be purchased from any local lumber yard and hardware store so that you can get materials easily
  • Wilbert then began building his dory boat and wrote out step-by-step, everything he did  
  • He included all the special tips and techniques he has learned over his 66 years of building dories 
  • He included a list of things you should absolutely avoid doing. He¡¯s made all the mistakes so you don¡¯t have too .  You benefit from his 66 years of effort.
  • He drew up pictures of exactly how each dory timber should look  
  • He explained how he makes every dory boat cut, no matter how simple or complex  
  • Wilbert wrote up pages of notes on what tools he uses, which ones he no longer uses and why  
  • He drew up an image of the dory stem so that you could see how each cut looks, and included exact measurements  
  • Wilbert explains how to build your dory in almost any location  
  • He went from a pile of lumber on the floor to a fully completed 16¡¯ grand banks dory boat (one of his best) and documented not only everything he did but also explained why he did it ( that's super important )


...  And I took Crystal Clear Digital Pictures
of every single Dory boat building step,
Just for you!

dory plans,dory boats,dory boat
You will build this dory so quickly and easily that you'll feel
like you were born to do this.


When we were finished, he handed me all of his notes (237 pages of material) and said ¡°Here, go fix my poor grammar and make dory plans out of this.¡±  

And that is exactly what I did¡­.   

There is an interesting story here about my editing that is very revealing for you.   

You must keep reading...

I took Wilbert¡¯s detailed material and virtually locked myself away in my basement / workshop (I wanted to be closer to my wood and tools) for weeks compiling it.  Two months it took me to get this document formatted the way I wanted it.  I even hired a graphic designer to do the book cover.  

My wife was ready for a divorce.  Building a dory is all I thought about¡­  All the while, I had a plan¡­

I could hear Wilbert¡¯s voice saying 

¡°These dory plans have to be so easy to follow, that a complete beginner could build a professional quality Dory in 2-3 weeks¡±¡­   

But that wasn¡¯t all¡­  

He also said:  

¡°Fraser, the dory plans must also be challenging enough for an experienced builder to get a real kick in the pants from following them. It has to be a fun project for everyone¡±


So, after 2 months of editing and compiling, I finally presented the ¡°finished¡± dory plans book to Wilbert, who sat down in a quiet place and reviewed it (he later told me 8 times before he was done).  

Wilbert said:  

 ¡°These dory plans are good, but not as good as it needs to be. I have highlighted what needs fixing"  

Stuff like ¡­  

  • You need to make this easier for a beginner to build a boat¡­.
  • You need to explain the tools better¡­
  • You need to explain what wood we use and why we use it¡­
  • You need to describe what glue we use and how much we use¡­
  • You need to detail how we plank the dory better and include my tips and tricks for easy dory planking¡­
  • Include more pictures¡­
  • Include more drawings¡­
  • Explain the thwarts in more detail, like how to cut them out to fit the timbers¡­¡±  

The list went on and on¡­.and so did my revisions¡­


In total, we made 36 re-writes of the ¡°finished¡± Dory plans.

Each re-write contained 12-24 revisions.


(Talk about dedication to getting a world-class dory boat product)


One hot and humid day in August (where I¡¯m from, hot and humid days only come in August!) I finally got his approval¡­.

The dory plans were the absolute best they could be, as far as this master builder was concerned.  

And when Wilbert says, ¡°These dory plans are perfect¡±, you had better believe it, cause he¡¯s the type of guy that will make you take off three strakes of planking if he sees the garboard plank has even the hint of a crack in it.  

The unique result of all this effort?


wooden boat building


Building Your Own Dory Boat Will Bring You Happiness and Inner Satisfaction That You Just Can't Get Anywhere Else

Human beings are creative animals. We were not put on this earth to sit at a desk. We weren't put here to type on a computer all day or sit in traffic.

We were put here to create. To build. To do something with our hands.

Look around. The happiest folks are those who are using their hands to build something. To create something from nothing. Wilbert is the happiest person and most content man that I have ever known. He gets his peace from crafting. Building something tangible from nothing only a pile of wood.

You can get the same inner contentment. Feel that same satisfaction when you wake up every morning, knowing you are building a boat with your own two hands.

Your Dream of Building and Owning Your own Wooden Dory Boat Is Reality.

Just imagine the satisfaction you'll get from building your very own dory boats.  Anyone can do it following our uncomplicated Banker Dory plans.  After all, it is based on 66 years of wooden dory boat boatbuilding experience and has passed the trials and tribulations of 3 months and 36 re-writes, including almost 800 edits.  

Proof? I thought you would never ask¡­  

Here are Just a Few of the Things You Get
With Our Dory Plans


  • A Complete Dory Plan Materials List
  • A Complete Dory Plan Tools List
  • Digital Pictures of all materials needed
  • Digital Pictures of all tools used
  • A brief introduction to get you started
  • A Complete Fastener List
  • Digital Pictures of each Fastener needed
  • Complete step-by-step written instruction of every single step in the building process.  We are right there with you, chatting in your ear about every building step  
  • 63 of the best quality, crystal clear digital images of every single building step.  If we tell you to glue the plans together, we show you a picture of us gluing the planks together  
  • Over 12 drawings of the building steps and material pieces that show you exactly what items like the timbers should look like  
  • Every single measurement needed to build your dory. Every measurement. We tell you exactly how long to make your timber, how deep to cut your angles, how long each plank needs to be, etc¡­  
  • An explanation of every single cut you need to make.  We don¡¯t just tell you to cut a board, we show you how to cut it and then tell you why you need to cut it that way  
  • A healthy dose of humor along the way to make the project fun for the entire family
  • A discussion of sanding your new dory
  • A discussion of Trimming your thwarts for best look
  • Professionally designed and formatted dory plan cover art
  • Unlimited customer support before, during and after your project¡­ (More on this important fact later¡­)  
  • The satisfaction of building something with your own two hands that you can be proud to display to any of your friends and fellow boat lovers  
  • A guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your new plans, or you can get your money back. No hassle and no questions.  More on that later as well¡­  
  • And much, much more¡­  

What Kind of Dory Boat Will I Build?  

  • 16' from stem to stern
  • 12' bottom
  • 3' bottom width
  • 5' beam
  • Approx 24" side height
  • Approx. 300 lbs
  • 2" rocker on stem and stern
  • Approx. 1200 lb carrying capacity  

Your completed dory will look similar to this:


build a wooden boat

This is the Dory Boat You will build with your new Dory Plans.


These dory plans are so good, so complete and so easy to follow that I keep telling everyone¡­


¡°Anyone with the ability to use a hand and power tool, and can follow easy instruction can build their own Banker Dory Boats¡±

I¡¯m really not sure how to say this more plainly¡­


A Word About Trust

Ok, here's my world view.... It's probably the same as yours.

If you can¡¯t stand by your word, you aren¡¯t much good for anything

Here is what some of our past customers have to say:

  Dear Fraser,

I want to thank you for all the help you¡¯ve provided me since I bought your
dory plan,dory boat, wooden dory Banker Dory 16 plans. They are clear and easy to read and I¡¯ve even managed to understand them. 

No, really the text and photos and diagrams are very clear. I must say that I like your touch of humour and the down-to-earth way of describing what to do.

Again thank you good sir for all your help.

  I bought a set of Your dorey plans after looking at a bunch of others. There's no comparison.  Yours are very simple and easy to understand...  I've built boats in the past, pontoon and flat bottom house boats and lofting from a set of prints is a whole lot more difficult than your step by step guide.

I realy like the way you fit in the coffe breaks...  Anyway thanks for a great product that far exceeds your promise.  I'm always impressed and would recomend it to any one.     
Thanks again, Jeff
Although I have not started my Dory yet (It will be an early Spring project)
I have printed the plans and scrutinized over them.  I have been so impressed with the plans combined with the digital photos.  It does show every step along the way and I know will help me to avoid pitfalls during the project. I already have purchased an 8HP Mariner and will be building the dory version for power. Thank again and I will send photos when finished.
Rick Cook
Baltimore, MD
Richard T Bell
  hi fraser,recieved the plans for the 16 ft dory and am very pleased with them, and you are right they are about the best set of plans I have ever worked.
 - Art Arsenault
  Hi Fraser,

I rec'd your plans and they are great. I've built a few boats, mostly plywood hulls, but the dory has always tugged at me. I've also purchased a number of plans and yours are one of the best. Great detail, just as advertised (that's rare). I've always thought if I ever got around to building a dory, it would have to be traditionally built. I can't wait to get started.
      - Ken
Received your plans. They are as my son says "Idiot proof".

No curve balls just straight clear directions in an easy to understand format that even I can follow. I don't think it's fair to compare your plans to other offers on the Web. Yours are so much more than plans they are all inclusive step by step directions in CLEAR format! Compared to other plans we've purchased your offer of both plans (outboard powered & oar powered) for one price is an incredible offer!

Where can you get plans to build an original Banker Dory the old/right way that even I can understand? You¡¯re the ONLY game on the web. Thanks for giving us more than our moneys worth! 
Quincy MA, USA

Received your plans for the Banker Dory. Could not be happier!

They are incredible! I have built a number of plywood and epoxy pirogues and skiffs. Most of the plans I have purchased are in the $25.00 to $75.00 dollar range. To be honest I have actually purchased plans and NOT built the boat because they were too confusing for an amateur like me. Your plans seemed a bit steep at $96.99. But I really wanted to build the grand daddy of boats The Banker Dory. I was  a bit intimidated till I downloaded your free chapter. It was so clear and easy to follow that I placed my order.

Your plans are in my experience the clearest and easiest to follow I have ever seen! And I've read all the books and surfed all the web sites. I've  read 20 pages from experts on Lofting, and still been confused. You gave me a better understanding in a few sentences. I wish I had found your plans as my first project.

They're that easy to follow. $96.99 is a bargain!!!  Thanks
Paul, Wollaston
Massachusetts, USA. 
  Hi Fraser,
Well I did get the plans downloaded and they do look great. Today I took the plans to a friend of mine who is good with woodwork and we went over them. I love the plans.
- Jack Kelly
  Hi fraser

Just got my plans, I'm very impressed with them ,they are very clear and
concise.  I'm going to start straight away and i will keep you imformed on my progress .  Thank you very much to youself and wilbert.
- Sally Borst
  Fraser, it has been nice to have someone as friendly and helpful as you have been to support me in my first attempt at building a boat...  

dory plans testimonialI have found the drawings easy to read and understand and the materials list made it easy for me to just go along the road to the builders timber stock and pick up what I needed without having to order special timber supplies.

Thanks again for your help.

Robert M Stronach


 You Just Heard How Great Our Plans Are From Past Customers ¨C 

Now I Want You To Buy Our Competitors Dory Plans

That might sound crazy coming from a guy who is peddling dory plans himself huh?

But the truth is, there are indeed other places out there to buy dory plans.  And they have some really great products. In fact, I encourage you to purchase them and take a good look through them. Most come with money back guarantee¡¯s so you can get them with no obligation¡­.

Then get our plans and do a good side-by-side comparison.

I guarantee that you will absolutely be convinced that our dory plans are better. So much better that you will keep them for life and return the ¡°others¡±.  In fact¡­

There's Absolutely NO Comparison...

Other Plans Give You

Our Dory Boat Plans Give You

cheap dory building plan

boat plan

You can clearly see the difference we offer you. You will plank your dory with timber
the old-fashioned way. 
And you will do it with our step-by-step help.


Check Out a Sample Taken Directly From the plans:

sample dory plans free

What Building Materials Will I Use?

Good question and I was waiting for you to ask¡­

We use white pine for the bottom and for planking and oak for stem and timbers. We have access to both materials so we use those. However, you can substitute other building materials that you have access too.  Let me explain¡­

Our rule of thumb is that you use a hardwood for timbers and for the stem; Some good ones are oak, birch, maple and Juniper.

You can use a softer wood for planking and the bottom.  Such as pine, cedar, spruce, fir (with the exception of Douglas fir). You can even use marine plywood if you prefer it. We much prefer planking with pine, so that is what we use.

wooden dory boat


Your Dory, If Cared For Properly, Can Last You 30+Years....  An Amazing Investment.

Please make sure you paint your dory every year before you enjoy her. That is about all the regular maintenance you will need with your boat.  I have had my 16 footer now for 8 years and the only maintenance has been a spring painting each year.


Make This a Family Project

The world we live in today can be a tough one right?

Especially for our kids. They have a lot of choices of how to spend their time, and not all of them are good choices. There can be a ton of negative distractions out there for our kids.

Why not present them with the challenge of building a dory with you?  Nothing brings folks together like the teamwork required in using your own bare hands to craft something.   And nothing will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment like building this wooden dory.

This project will have such a positive impact on everyone involved, it can literally change your entire outlook.


Unlimited Customer Service

You can buy most anything online these days.  What you can¡¯t get is good customer support for it¡­

Here is where we really shine¡­Once again.

You get unlimited customer support before, during and after your purchase.  I don¡¯t care what your question is, or if you just want to chat about boats¡­  You can email me at any point before you buy our plans, during your purchase or for the rest of your life¡­

In fact, if I can¡¯t answer your questions about building your wooden boat, I will give you Wilbert¡¯s home phone number.  He is a master builder with over 66 years of building experience, and a heck of a nice guy to boot. If he can¡¯t answer your question, no one can....  And he will make himself available to you 24 hours a day for as long as you want it.

Try getting that level of customer service anywhere else! 

You simply won't get that anywhere but here.


 So Fraser, what about the price?

Lets look at it this way...

If Wilbert had chosen to teach wooden boat building in his workshop at Little Bay Islands, NL Canada instead of creating these plans, the total cost of your getting the exact same wooden dory boat building knowledge would be somewhere around $4000.00. 


Because his 4 week course would come with at least a $1500.00 tuition.  Then you would have to stay at Little Bay Islands for 30 days. The local bed and breakfast charges $79.00 per night x 30 nights. That¡¯s another $2370.00 and you haven¡¯t traveled here yet or even eaten!

But don¡¯t worry; we are asking less than 1% of that price for the exact same knowledge.

Let¡¯s look at this another way¡­ 

Wilbert builds dories all the time.  The price for him to build you an identical 16¡¯ wooden Grand Banks Dory boat will be $3000.00.  And that is a steal compared to his competitors.  Then you have to get it shipped to wherever in the world you live¡­ That shipping might not even be possible.

Remember that these dory plans are based on Wilbert¡¯s 66 years of dory boat building experience. 

Also remember that they came to be because of his desire to teach folks like yourself, how to build a professional quality wooden dory.

You can get your copy of our guaranteed wooden dory plans for as low as...


 order your dory plan

 dory plans clickbank image


I also want to give you a "limited time offer" gift
Right Now That's worth at least

boat building book


Order your dory boat plans today, and we will throw in, absolutely FREE, a second set of Banker Dory Plans for you to use if you want to use an outboard engine with your dory.  Building a dory that will accept an outboard engine requires different measurements and cuts.  We will explain it all to you for FREE in your 2nd set of plans.

Build your dory boat with an engine or without... 
Your choice FREE ¨C But only if you order before the date above.

The second set of dory boat plans are free but only for a very limited time.  These have become very popular so we will be creating a new website and charging $97.00 for these very soon.  If you want these free, please order today.  Your free second set of dory plans will be delivered by instant download.

This Offer Has Been So Popular We Have Extended It Until¡­

September 01, 2018

And Then It's Gone For Good!



You Need To Act Now To Get The Free Plans But Please Take Your Time In Deciding Whether or 
Not to Keep Our Plans Once You Get them... 

Take Them For a Test Drive First and Then Decide!

In Fact, Use them For a FULL 60 Days 
Before Deciding To keep Them

60 Day Risk Free
Money Back Guarantee!

Download my plans, take a long hard look at what I am offering and BEFORE You Spend 1 Penny on building materials decide if our plans are right for you. If not, simply ask for a refund...and get it. We want you to be completely comfortable in our product before you spend a cent on materials.

We know our plans are the best on the market today, and that you will be more then satisfied. We guarantee it with our 60 Day IRON-CLAD Money back guarantee! 


An order here is simply an opportunity for our Dory Plans to sell themselves to you. There is no sale - no obligation to keep them - until you have used them in your workshop for a full 60 days and are satisfied. Just let them show you how thorough and fail-proof they are!

fraser wheaton


Don't Miss Out On Your Chance to Try Your Dory Plans In Your Workshop For a Full 60 Days Without Obligation!

You can get your copy of our guaranteed wooden dory plans for as low as...


 order your dory plan

 boat plans clickbank image


Imagine Yourself Sitting In Your Dory...
The One That YOU Built From Scratch...

with the Sun Shining Down On You... 
The Water Quietly Splashing Against The Hull 
of YOUR Boat





OK, Lets Summarize This Incredible Offer 
One More Time... If You Act Today

If you purchase right now you get the following great Benefits:

  • You get a copy of our detailed, step-by-step wooden Banker Dory boat building plans.  These are unlike anything you have ever seen and include 60 pages of step-by-step written detail, along with over 60 crystal clear digital images of every step in the building process.  Also included are over 12 detailed drawings that include every single measurement needed to build your dory.  Based on Wilbert's 66 years of boat building experience.
  • You get unlimited lifetime customer support before your purchase, during your building project and forever after. Call or email us at any time and for any reason.
  • You get a FREE second set of dory plans for building a dory to accommodate an outboard engine, hung on the transom.
  • You get a lifetime of memories created from building this project alone or with any loved one.
  • You get a world-class Grand Banks Dory boat for you to enjoy on the waterway of your choice for as long as you care to own your dory.  This is an asset worth thousands of dollars to any small craft enthusiast.
  • You get to be a part of the family.  And make no mistake, we treat every one of our customers as friends and family.   We all have a lot in common and take pride in sharing our lives and boating interests.
fraser wheaton

Don't Miss Out On Your Chance to Try Your Dory Plans In Your Workshop For a Full 60 Days Without Obligation!

Do you want to be one of the few folks in your area who owns a piece of history that will be the talk of your waterfront? Do you want to craft this boat with your own two hands, smell the wood and feel the timber coming to life before your eyes?

Of course you do.

You can get your copy of our guaranteed wooden dory plans for as low as...


order your dory plan

 dory plans clickbank image

P.S.  Don't forget our complete 60 day money back guarantee if you are not interested in keeping our plans, or if for any reason you no longer want to build your dory, simply send me an email at any point in those 60 days and I will refund your entire purchase if you are not 100% completely satisfied.

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